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AntiWave Racing Lanes have been extensively used throughout the swimming industry for over thirty years. Patented for their wave breaking effect. 


  • Unique design creates complete barrier against waves by dispersing them along the lane line and then down, into the water
  • Equipped with Original SuperTensioner for a hassle free fastening and tightening to the walls.
  • All discs are made from UV stabilized co-polymer, polypropylene and floats are from high density polyethylene
  • Cable is SS316 with diameter of 3.1mm and maximum force of 5kN
  • Available in MIDI 110mm diameter discs and MAXI 150mm diameter discs
  • Available in 25m, 50m or customized length
  • For MAXI lanes, 25m or 50m, supplied with FINA complied colors in set of 9 or 11 lanes


Anti Wave MAXI and MIDI Racing Lanes


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