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This One-Meter Duraflex Stand is supplied with top and intermediate handrails on both sides. The One-Meter structures are manufactured in five different heights. Catalog # 1M.

One Meter Stand

  • The One-Meter Diving Stand is Catalog #1M and is one-meter height, +5%. The diving stand consists of heavy aluminum castings coated with epoxy paint. The roller and tracks are heat treated, hard-anodized extruded aluminum. The bearings, for the roller and the tracks, are Teflon/polymer with grease path. The diving board anchor hinges are heat treated aluminum forgings with a design tensile strength of 35,000 psi and are hard anodized. Hinges are mounted on a transverse casting allowing 6 leveling positions in one-inch increments. The diving board anchor bolts are custom short-neck 5/8” diameter by 3 1/2” long stainless steel carriage bolts. The diving stand is supplied with top and intermediate handrails on two sides. The diving stand handrails are 304 stainless steel tubing firmly attached to the handrail supports with stainless steel rail clamps. The rails extend to the edge (or beyond) of the swimming pool and the rail ends are fitted with handrail plugs. The stand is designed for mounting with the use of eight Bronze Deck Anchors or mounting with eight Hilti stainless steel threaded inserts


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