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The Duraflex is used for recreational diving in commercial pools such as City pools, YMCA pools and other pools that conform to FINA, USA Diving and/or NCAA dimensional requirements. 


Comes in 2 sizes:

- 16' Duraflex

- 14' Duraflex

Duraflex Diving Boards

  • The Duraflex is basically a one piece ribbed extrusion of aluminum alloy 6070-T6, heat treated for a yield strength of 50,000 psi. It has a torsion-box extrusion, an anchor angle, and tip end cap riveted to the basic section. It is tapered from the fulcrum area to the diving tip.


    The board is coated in aqua-colored thermal-cured epoxy resin. The top surface is finished with a laminate of flint silica and alumina, between coats of epoxy, to effect a slip-resistant surface. The diving board is bolted to the diving board stand by 2 carriage bolts, part # SF122 5/8” x 3 1/2”. The underside ribs of the board are protected from direct contact with our metal fulcrum by rubber channels (8) attached to the board with epoxy adhesive.


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